Our values

Aima Nordic provides aesthetic solutions for body and face. We at Aima Nordic make sure to provide the perfect tools to our practitioners of aesthetic wellness so that they in turn can provide great results to their clients and enhance their clients happiness plus boost their confidence. At Aima Nordic we value strong and longstanding partnerships with our physicians and the patients in their practices. And we are committed to build trust with clinically proven results.


We are very dedicated and the relationship with our customers is central. Their vision is our starting point. Together we develop efficient solutions that are useful for the patient. We take pride in helping our customers to optimize their treatments.


A world that is constantly changing requires flexibility. Dare to think and act differently. Continuously stay up to date, respond proactively with innovative solutions and apply them immediately. Because tomorrow starts today.


Transparent, honest and loyal. For us, a word is a word. Our communication is open and honest. Keeping agreements with colleagues, partners and customers is very important to us.


Every day we build a sustainable relationship of trust with our colleagues, partners and customers.


People and their health in all phases of life inspires and motivates us. General patient well-being drives us. Our job is a passion.