Ultra Shaper

Infrared RF Vacuum Roller Slimming Machine

The Ultra Shaper is a machine with a combination of four different technologies; IR (infrared), Bi-Polar RF (radiofrequency), vacuum cavitation and mechanical tissue manipulation, and it uses massage rollers and pulsed vacuum. This combination of technologies deep heats the connective tissue, increasing collagen deposits and metabolism in the cells in the treated area. The result is a healthier skin structure thanks to reduced skin laxity and volume plus an increase in lymphatic drainage and circulation.

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Model number - VSIII Pro
Power of RF - 800 w
Frequency of RF - 2MHz
Infrared laser Power - 20 w
Infrared laser wavelength - 940nm
Ultrasound power - 200 w
Vacuum Indensity - 10-90Kpa

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